How you will be supported.

Virtual Meetup

Our weekly session will be virtual. In addition you will be provided with a 1:1 mini session with Coach Kasey.

We will be meeting every Wednesday 7pm cst.

Also expect some amazing giveaway items during the sessions!

Customized Workbook

I want ensure that you are not only available for the sessions, but you have support throughout. This workbook is designed not only for in session activities, but homework as well.

Breakout check in with me

To ensure that you are getting the richness of the bootcamp, you will also receive a brief check-in with me. Full add-on sessions are available at additional costs.

8 Week Layout

Week 1-Foundation

This week we will discover the true foundation of marriage.  

Week 2-Own Your Ish!

This is where the rubber meets the road. This session is all about accountability restoring trust and moving forward .  

Week 3 Communication in 3 steps

This week we will go over communication in 3 easy steps, in addition to conflict resolution .  

Week 4- Intimacy Redesigned

Week 5-It's time to Spice It Up!

We are changing the way we see intimacy. Learning what love is, and how to give it.

The following week, we will be learning new and exciting ways to make love! 

Week 6- Own up to your Role!

What does it mean to lead from your feminine and live in your masculine?

This week is about living, leading and loving from your design .

Week 7- What do you need?

All of these tools are great, but if you aren't taking care of you-none of this will work. This week, we look into personal self care.  

Week 8- The Renewal

We are at the end! You will take all of the tools you learned into the new phase of your marriage. During this session, we will be renewing our love to our spouses and closing out.  


8 week bootcamp :$2297 or 2 payments of $1200

Early bird registration $1697 (until October 4th)

or 2 payments of $850

or 3 payments of $575.

Also accepting PayPal credit.

This purchase is 100% NONREFUNDABLE

We start on October 13th

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